4 February 2016

Captain America: Civil War

captain america feature
Director: Joe Russo, Anthony Russo
Producer: Kevin Feige
Production Company: Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment

Dneg VFX Supervisor: Peter Joplin
Dneg VFX Producer:  Antonella Ferrari

Released: 29 April 2016 (UK)

“Matching its blockbuster scale and spectacle with the smarts of a great, grown-up thriller,
Captain America: Civil War is Marvel Studios’ finest film yet.”

Rolling Stone
“Captain America: Civil War brings the fun, the fierce and the fireworks.”

Common Sense Media
“With its death-defying action sequences, charismatic additional superheroes, and emotional character development,
this Captain America threequel is both intense and entertaining.”

Slash Film
“A sharp, astounding, action-packed summer blockbuster
that’s the kind of superhero movie you’™ve been waiting to see your whole life”