21 December 2017


Director: Scott Cooper
Producers: Scott Cooper, Ken Kao, John Lesher
Production Company: Waypoint Entertainment

Dneg VFX Supervisor: Oliver Atherton
Dneg VFX Producer: Charlotte Moore

Synopsis: In 1892, a legendary Army captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.

Release Date: 22 December 2017 (US)

‘With a phenomenal turn from Oscar-winner Christian Bale and opulent camera work from
master Masanobu Takanayagi, €œHostiles cements itself as a landmark cinematic experience, not to be soon forgotten.’

‘Scott Cooper’s Hostiles€ might well become this generation’s definitive Western for the way it embraces the genre’s traditions while coming to grips with the inescapable admission of our own war crimes.’

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Our amazing crew on Hostiles:
Aakash Pandey, Abhishek Kemkar, Aditya Kadam, Ajay Mondal, Akshay Polekar, Amit Kumar Singh, Ankan Nayak, Arun JRV, Arushi Dhavan, Ashutosh Singh, Basabendu Sarkar, Bhupesh Borkar, Bhushan Bhavsar, Bintu Prajapati, Chad Meire, Chanikya Vadapalli, Charlotte Moore, Chetan Jain, Curro Doyaguez, Danish Davis, Dinesh Bishnoi, Dinesh Bobade, Dipti Behera, Dishen Vaghela, Divyang H Dharaiya, Edward Basaraba, Emad Shaikh, Ginu Ram, Girish Takale, Govardhan Patti, Harsha Zhar, Harshavardhan Rao, Hemant Khairnar, Hemant Tajanpure, Hitesh Kini, Jasjitpal Singh, Jiten Harkhani, Jozef Czapski, Kiran Medhekar, Mahendra Golay, Mandar Bhangare, Mayuresh Powar, Mehul Jhaveri, Mohak Sharma, Mohammad Nadeem, Mohip Ghosh, Mrinal Ranjan, Mrudul Potdar, Murali Krishna, Neville Bode, Oliver Atherton, Pawan Tetu, Peter Toufidis, Prachi Kambli, Pradeep Arya, Prasad Apte, Prashant Bavariya, Pratik Dubey, Pushparaj Singh, Ricardo Montero, Rohit Agrawal, Ryan Basaraba, Sameer Malik, Sammy Shikaze, Sanchit Srivastav, Sansriti Nanda, Sebastian Munoz, Shane Mehan, Shreya Nath, Sundarraj M, Swati Tiwari, Tim Tobin, Uttham Bhalaykar, Varun Balachandran, Venkata Krishnamurthy, Venu Bojanapalli, Viren Shah, Vishal Chauhan, Yogesh Shriwatri