30 October 2014

Thor: The Dark World

Dir: Alan Taylor
Studio:  Marvel Studios
Released: 30th October 2013 (UK)

VFX Supervisors:  Alex Wuttke and Pete Bebb
VFX Producers: Ken Dailey and Nina Fallon


Dneg were the main vendors on Thor: The Dark World and were tasked with creating Asgard and the film’s final battle.  Work was split between two crews with Supervisor Alex Wuttke and Producer Nina Fallon leading on Asgard and Supervisor Pete Bebb and Producer Ken Dailey responsible for the final battle.

Our work consisted of hero environments/cities (along with lots of destruction), combined with a wide variety of ‘magic’ effects, spaceships (with black hole technology and cloaking effects), hero digidoubles and crowd work.


Official Trailer